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Don’t Believe the Stories You Tell Yourself

Hey there! I’m Roxy, I’m 37 from Sheffield – and I’m 70% burned! I’m also a mental health therapist, a business coach, mum of 2 – and founder of the #nogoodexcuse movement! Or I will be shortly!

You might have heard my story by now. You might be totally sick of it! But if not – here goes!

When I was 2 years old, I was scalded. Not a little bit scalded – I was 70% burned and spent 6 months solidly in intensive care and in the burns unit at Northern General Hospital in Sheffield. It was 1987 – and at that time if an adult was 50% burned they were most likely to die. I was 2…. My family were told that I’d certainly die. My sister was a baby (6 months old), my mum was a 22 year old girl trying to be an adult and my dad worked down the pit. I cannot even IMAGINE the impact on them at that time. I was too little and too busy fighting to pull my body out of shock. All my organs closed down, my skin was literally hanging off (be thankful you’re reading the short version!)

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When it became clear I was miraculously (there’s absolutely no other word for it!) fighting and my organs started to slowly work again, my family were told if I survived that I’d have to have my feet and hands amputated, that I’d never walk, never go in the sun, never have a “normal” life. They were worried for my social life, bullying, relationships, they had no idea whether I’d be able to have children….

I spent my childhood growing up in and out of hospitals. The Children’s Hospital at Sheffield where I was transferred to after the specialist burns was amazing and I had my last skin graft related surgery when I was 22. That’s 20 years of surgeries.

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Share Your Story

I have the PERFECT excuse. The perfect excuse to hide, to cover up, to stay small. Add to this that I’m an empath, an introvert, and almost certainly have ADHD & I have reasons coming out of my ears not to live an awesome life. I have ALL the excuses – if I choose to buy into them. I don’t!

The #nogoodexcuse movement comes directly on the back of this. Every single day I see women hiding themselves. Ashamed, fearful, embarrassed about SOMETHING. Some aspect of themselves that allows them to feel not good enough, not worthy enough. It’s time to break this down.

If you know you have something that is holding you back, and yet know on a logical level that it’s #nogoodexcuse – come and share your story. We’ll have a chat about you and “the thing” and then we’ll look at how we can stop the cycle!

I’d love to hear from you.

You can share your story here – as much or as little as you want. & if you want me to get back in touch with you, make sure you tick the box! I will get back to EVERYONE!!